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Poetry 2013: The Blue Horse by Dane Cervine
A child, a stable, a night of wonder.

Poetry 2012: Unborn Paintings by Diana Pinckney

A mother contemplates her nature and her art.

Poetry 2011: Bison in Hayden Valley by Ron De Maris

A painting as awesome as any in a Stone Age cave.

Poetry 2010: Alleluia by Rebecca Baggett

Celebrating the mystery behind the world’s masks.

Poetry 2009: Grip by Michael Lee Phillips

Exploring the canyon between father and son.

Poetry 2008: Winter Milk by Jamie Morewood Anderson

Sometimes, the real world is all the magic you need.

Poetry 2007: Flower Bomb by Vuong Quoc Vu

A soldier discovers the meeting place of extremes.

Poetry 2006: Phrases for Public Speakers at Sea by M. B. Powell

The dryest of subjects meets the wettest, in a showy and telling tour de force.

Poetry 2005: It Is Time: a New England Pastoral by Laura Foley

Anything I say would give it away....

Poetry 2004: The Only Muntin Poem in the World by Timothy Walsh

Need to clean your windows of perception? This will do the job!

Poetry 2003: A Fate Takes a Holiday by Mike Casey

A well-knit tale from the hand of a crafty Irish poet.

Poetry 2002: His Funeral by Jeff Worley

Of fathers and freedom.

Poetry 2001: A Husband’s Refuge by Ginny Lowe Connors.

A hymn to the hum of machines and men.

Poetry 2000: The Planet First Observed by Marjorie Mir.

Can you guess which one?

Poetry 1999: The Painter by Robert Arthur Lewis.

In a transforming moment, a trade becomes a vocation.

Poetry 1998: After a Miscarriage by Harriet Brown.

Spring undertakes its most delicate task.

Poetry 1997: Paper Drive by George O’Connell.

A childhood ritual offers a different Look at Life.

Poetry 1996: A Trick by Steve Kowit.

Magic and milagros in the high Andes of Peru.

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