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Submission Guidelines

Guidelines & Contacts

                                Send us a great poem, and we won’t care
                         if it’s scribbled on a napkin or scratched on a brick!


However, we prefer:

1. No more than five poems per submission.
2. Your name, address and email on each poem.
3. A brief bio in case of publication (optional).
4. Copies of black and white artwork, labeled with title, artist, and media.

All submissions and inquiries must include
a stamped and self-addressed envelope (SASE) for reply.

Please note that Atlanta Review now publishes ONLY POETRY, no fiction or nonfiction.

Atlanta Review issue deadlines are June 1 (for the Fall issue) and December 1 (for the Spring).
While we do read year round, response may be slower during summer and the winter holidays.

Authors living outside the United States and Canada may submit work via email to: (at)

Your work is vitally important to us!

Please mail submissions to:

Atlanta Review, 686 Cherry St. N W, Suite 333, Atlanta GA 30332

You may also submit poetry online at