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The very first poetry from inside the pro-democracy movement in IRAN !

  This explosive issue blows the cover on secrets that the fundamentalist regime has been hiding for years. These poets have endured prison and torture--they know where the bodies are buried, and in this historic issue they tell the world. Iranian poet and playwright Sholeh Wolpé takes you into the heart and soul of Iran’s ongoing struggle
for freedom and human dignity. This issue is of such international importance that it will soon be published as a book,
The Forbidden, by Michigan State University Press.

   The issue also displays the breathtaking range of Iranian and Persian poetry, from delightful humor to passionate love to mystic ecstasy. Included are FIVE new Rumi translations by Coleman Barks, who has made this ancient Persian mystic America’s best-selling poet!

   This was the best-selling book at the recent Associated Writing Programs conference
in Denver, where a large shipment sold out completely.
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This issue of Atlanta Review is dedicated to the memory of

Neda Agah-Soltan

 a 26-year-old Iranian woman and student of philosophy
who on June 20th, 2009, while at a demonstration in Tehran
protesting the vote-count fraud in the reelection of President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was targeted and shot in the heart by a Basiji.

The name “Neda” in Persian means “The call.”

I Am Neda

Sholeh Wolpé

Leave the Basiji bullet in my heart,

fall to prayer in my blood,

and hush, father--

I am not dead.

More light than mass,

I flood through you,

breathe with your eyes,

stand in your shoes, on the rooftops,

in the streets, march with you

in the cities and villages of our country

Shouting through you, with you.

I am Neda--thunder on your tongue.

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